by Roy Ronalds

Fight Ninja!

Attack other ninja, get stronger at the Dojo

Explore the map

Explore the map, attack monsters, and gather loot.

Join a Clan

Pick a clan join it's membership, or grow strong enough to create your own, and then wage war on other ninja clans.

Avoid death

Live by the Shuriken, and avoid death if you can, or else prepare to embrace it.

Built with Love

Crafted with care by Roy Ronalds and the rest of the NinjaWars team since 2002

Becoming a ninja gets you some strength, speed, and stamina. Whether you attack the rebellious peasants or rebel against the tyrant emperor is up to you.
Become a Ninja! Become a Ninja


I'm a game dev/software architect, and have been coding ninjawars since about 2003.

Roy Ronalds

Game Dev & Web Software Architect

Other Contributions

  • NinjaLord / John Facey, II - Founder & Original Creator of NinjaWars - Archived interview
  • Beagle - Long-time developer
  • Other developers & planners at various points: chrismonster, kultcher, sparky, & suavisimo
  • DeathDepiction - Certain NPCs and other code contributions
  • Magatsu - a few of the early Shop Graphics
  • Some pixel art by Roy Ronalds
  • The Domain's DNS services are provided thanks to: Hurricane Electric

Behind the Scenes

Here's a bit of a peek at what we use to build the game.


  • Html 5
  • Php 7
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Symfony components

We Create

  • open source on github
  • static homepage html5
  • API in back-end for data
  • code new game features in php


  • Test in codeship
  • deploy with deploybot
  • Release to you players!
  • Get your feedback!

New Player Start

When starting the game, here are a few recommended approaches to take

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